Taylor Winters | Executive coach

I coach professionals to create meaning in their work and advance in presence and pursuits.

In brief

What I offer

Programs for individuals and teams to create meaning in work and advance in presence and pursuits.

Who I coach

Professionals who have influence and impact and are committed to continually developing as leaders.

What’s unique 

We crave for our work to be meaningful- a combination of purpose, self-awareness and understanding and significance. Supporting research and methodology is core to my perspective that meaning in work can be created and cultivated for the self and others and is a vital characteristic of respected and influential leaders.

 Why it works

A sense of meaning in work has been found to improve performance, commitment and wellbeing, resulting in valued outcomes for individuals and organizations.

How to get started

For individual one-on-one coaching, a beginning program is twelve, 75min sessions over the course of 6 months.

For teams as groups and/or one-on-one coaching, programs are customized for onsite or offsite facilitation.

A complimentary intro session is available to assess fit.

About me



Coaching is my vocation. I also identify as an entrepreneur and a curious consumer and contributor of ideas about workplace wellbeing. I am specifically interested in translating research from psychology, neuroscience, business and creative fields into practical methods for helping people to create meaning in work and advance in their presence and pursuits. 

Previously, I was Co-Founder and Managing Director of a successful creative agency for a decade until it was acquired. This adventure cultivated my leadership experience as an executive, team member and service provider and established my perspective that continually investing in people guarantees highly-valued business outcomes. 

As a life-long learner, I continue to pursue advancements in my education and certifications from leading institutions and organizations, including University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology program and my ICF credentials as a Master Certified Coach (MCC). 

Training & certification

Executive Coaching Certification
UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business, Executive Coaching Institute



Taylor’s incredible ability to listen, understand and provide reflection was paramount to developing my leadership approach and provided critical awareness for high-stakes decision making.
— CEO, tech startup, SF
Having unlocked growth and opportunity within my own company, keeping it relevant and forward thinking , her diplomacy, leadership experience, and client-centric approach make Taylor a visionary coach and business consultant.
— Founder & Executive Creative Director, creative agency, Seattle
I was skeptical of coaching and had avoided it my entire career. A couple sessions into working with Taylor totally changed my thinking - in general and overall. The profound human connection provided support and clarity like I’ve never experienced in a professional capacity.
— Founder & Investor, private equity firm, Seattle


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